All you Need to Know about the Backlink Profiles

Although a number of experimental strategies are applied in the industry of digital marketing, however, the result or outcome of these strategies cannot be determined in the best possible way. For instance, if a strategy works when it comes to one search engine, it does not mean that it would work everywhere. This means that the experts in the SEO are left with the data to make the most of it. Moreover, the talk of backlink profiles is another topic which needs to be addressed in detail to underline the popular misconceptions associated with it.

The Tag of Rel=nofollow

The main purpose of the aforementioned tagline is to indicate that the popular search engines cannot overlook a particular link or it cannot be skipped, however, the recent talk in the industry shows a divide between the people who consider the use of a “nofollow” tag effective and those who oppose it. If one speaks from a balanced perspective, the answer to the discussion is quite ambiguous. For example, the utility of the tag cannot be denied despite the demerits attached to it. In terms of the demerits, the tags are not helpful in the viewpoint and experience of some of the experts, while other believe that a website, which has good PR with the tag of “nofollow”, it has shown increased traffic. Likewise, the impact of the “nofollow” links have contributed in enhancing the ranking of over-optimized web content, some of the backlink profile have also shown positive results in addition to the over optimization of the anchor text.


Moreover, the presence of a bad backlink profile may be due to the role of numerous affiliated links. Similarly, some of the backlinks may be from the past years. The main reason, according to some of the experts is associated with the SEO attempts to game the system of 2008 and 2012, while the affiliate partners may also opt for wrong practices in some cases. In addition, it has been noticed that in specific cases, the strategy used to obtain the better quality of “no follow” links is successful on the critically acclaimed websites or blogs.

The point of mentioning the aforementioned example is to highlight the fact that the result in keywords rating has been improved over the past few years. For instance, in some of the cases, the indexed links were from the summers, however, the increase in the ranking is found to be around 100%. In short, despite the number of bad example of the “nofollow” tag, the success of other cases cannot be ignored.


If you are an owner of a website, which has quality links as compared to the referring pages or links, it means that the chances of you to lag behind the competitors are likely to increase. It may sound crazy to those who prefer quantity over quality; however, if you look closely you would find the difference between the two. For instance, if a website has 20 links, which refers to associated links and the other website that has number of links will win the race of quantity, however, if you focus on the quality of the links or relevance, the quality website will score more points.

In order to enhance the quality of the backlink profile, the support of a myriad of links to good blogs, forums is another crucial factor. For example, good search engines give priority to those backlink profiles which have the referring links to quality content. Moreover, if you are someone who is concerned about having very high-quality links to the natural profile or your own web content, it is necessary to remember that the algorithms of the famous search engine cannot determine the process of getting specific links. Therefore, there is no need to panic or invest your energy on creating an overly cautious record.

Role of Old Sites

Even though the design of a website is very important when it comes to appealing to the end users, however, it does not imply that the website which is not very well in the design domain is not valuable. For example, if you have a blog, which has more than 100 comments, the search engine will not focus on the design or outlook of the blog, rather the main concern will be with the performance of the blog or content on the search engine. In simple words, the apparent features are very important, however, those visual factors are not the only thing which would determine the worth of your content. This also applies to the links you have provided. For example, if the links on your website are old, the time period can be compensated if it directs the users to a quality or useful link. Likewise, the Amazon SEO follows the same rule.


Bio Links

Biography links are also mentioned as the “nofollow” links on the posts or editorial submissions in general, the main reason for using those links is to create a backup of the particular profile. In other words, biography links are building walls for creating good content and for the purpose of projecting via the help of supplementing audiences. Moreover, if you are someone who happens to find the same links from a website, but the article is different, it means that the relevance of the link cannot be ignored, as these links will help to generate traffic and it may serve as the base for similar content. Furthermore, it is important to remember that the search engines are not very sophisticated in terms of distinguishing between the different kinds of links. For instance, if the search engines could separate the relevant links, the additional or paid links would have been discarded or removed. In simple words, it is pertinent that you pay attention to what is important rather than overanalyzing a situation. In addition, the role of a quality link is very important, however, if you have been asked to pay for the related links, expert recommend that you don’t opt for that.